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Here is another view that how Mr. Drain ® Plumbers install drain lining in few hours. Isn't It Mr. Drain's ® Magic?

A - Mr. Drain ® Plumber will visit the site and will make a plan.

B - The drain / sewer pipe is cleaned using the Mr. Drain ® Hydro Flush ® technology
C - The pipe liner is installed into the cleaned pipe line
D - The repaired drain or sewer line is returned in to full service
E - The work is warrantied for a life time period

CCIP Lining Advantages

  • Seals cracks and holes
  • Seals bottomless cast iron
  • Fills missing pipes
  • Smooth's out big off-sets
  • Seals joint connections
  • Root damaged pipes
  • Under slab pipelines
  • 2"- 12" diameter
  • Infiltration/Exfiltration
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years

Cured in Place Pipe Lining

  • Repairs Lateral Connections
  • Re-Line Diameter Transitions
  • Seals with Existing CIPP Lining
  • Seal Open Joints
  • 6" to 24" Mains
  • No Digging in the Street
  • Meets ASTM F 1216 Specs
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years

Point Repair Advantages

  • Bridge Missing Pipe Sections
  • Increase Flow Efficiency
  • Only System with Inner Liner
  • No Digging
  • Seal Open Joints
  • 2' to 30 ' Length Kits
  • 6" to 54" Diameter Pipelines
  • Formulated Epoxy Resins
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years

Perma-Patch Advantages

  • No alarming odors
  • Used in doors or outdoors
  • Works on wet surfaces
  • Excellent bonding to existing materials
  • No-Digging
  • Access is utilized through existing clean-outs

Put on the left bellow the pipe lining video u can find pipe lining video in our u tube channel

The Pipe Lining Installation Process

  • Inspect and clean the damaged pipe.
  • Measure the pipes the pipe-liner material can be cut to exact length.
  • Mix the 100% epoxy resin and pour into liner to impregnate it.
  • Load pipe-liner into launching unity.
  • Insert the pipe-liner into the pipe, using an air pressure inversion process.
  • The pipe-liner material turns inside out, so resin bonds with the existing pipe.
  • Wait 3 hours for the resin to cure.
  • The pipe is ready for service
Crude - in - place-pipe (CIPP)
Drain lining is a method that can implemented to repair drains that our cracked, broken, leaking or displaced without the need for costly excavation. A drain liner consists of a felt liner that is cut to the required length then a polyester, epoxy or silicate resin is impregnated for the felt to absorb then it is inserted into the drain or pipe run. This is then inflated or impregnated to the internal host pipe to make a solid structural repair (pipe within a pipe). This method can be very cost effective to effect repairs as opposed to excavation and is less disruptive and of inconvenience.
No-Dig Technology
It's not always practical or even possible to dig up sewer and drainage systems with an identified problem, especially those drainage runs that extend beneath property. Using No-Dig Technology Lining we are able to resolve many problems that would otherwise requite full excavation, avoiding weeks of inconvenience and loss of service not to mention the associate mess.

A No-Dig repair inserts polyurethane coated felt lining into the existing drainage system. This is then inflated and hardened in position creating a continuous, water tight inner skin and reinstating the integrity of the drainage. The drain lining can be completed in a day allowing a swift return to the normal functioning of either commercial or domestic properties

Mr. Drain ® uses certified and approved pipe lining materials

Pipe-liner materials have flexible, double layered felt with one scrim reinforcement layer. The tubular liner is created to a size where it expands and fits tightly within the circumference of the original pipe. The tube's outside layer is coated with a 2mil thick Polyvinyl Chloride finish. Our pipe lining materials are third party tested and certified. The exceed specifications and standards set by ASTM F-1216. They last a minimum of 50 years, AND are environmentally safe.

If you live in the and are looking for a great alternative to the more expensive and inconvenient digging method, contact Trenchless Pipe Repairs today for all your plumbing needs. We have a fully trained and certified staff who can take are of all your plumbing needs FAST!

The Solution

A major sewer malfunction is often a result of broken, collapsed and offset sewer lines. If the broken sewer or a drain line is left unrepaired then you will face periodic back ups. Being a homeowner your job is to make sure that your sewers are checked every now and then to prevent the possibility of having a major sewer back up that can flood your house causing damage to the structure of your house.

This can be prevented with the help of a sewer video camera inspection. Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of uses non-invasive leak detection equipment to accurately locate leaks to save you money and avoid unnecessary property damage. We are the leader in the accurate, non-destructive sewer inspections. The only solution for broken sewer and drain lines is the repair and replacement which by thing sounds very costly job. But today Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of uses the trenchless sewer replacement technology also called pipe lining or epoxy lining. Contact a local Mr. Drain ® of for more details we will arrive at your home in less then 45 minutes and explain you the benefits of pipe lining technology with a free sewer or drain camera inspection.
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If you have sewer backing up in your home and it floods toilets then you have a clog some where between house and city main sewer lateral. Maintaining the sewer line will not fix the problem permanent. Give a call to Mr Drain ® Plumbing of and our expert will show how u can save thousands of dollars by replacing or fixing the sewer line by no dig sewer repair and replacement process also called Perma Liner.
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This Home Flash Diagram Below is courtesy of Mr Sewer ® Plumbing of Inc that is designed to give you a detailed informational hands on about the plumbing and Sewerage system in your house. Take a moment and browse the text in this image by bringing mouse on the text. Some text will have informational links
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Mr. Drain ® Underground - Vertical Sewer and Drain Pipe Lining System
There are several non-invasive ways to replace pipes like Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Perma Lining Service - Perma Lining Contractor - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. The Technology used depends on many factors, like the temperature of the water, the condition of the pipe, the size of the leaks and the access points. Mr Drain ® of have the best solution available in Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. Today, with the experience over 11 years our technicians are able to handle any plumbing or drain issues from installing a toilet to replacing the sewer line through Pipe Line Technology even in the city jurisdiction.
The Root of Problem
Are you experiencing frequent sewage backups? Do you have to unclog your drains more frequently then Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Drain Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining is the only fix. Is your sewer stack leaking? If so, you most likely have tree roots growing in your sewer pipe that grow back even after you get the drain cleaned. After about 30 years vertical cast iron sewer pipes and rain drains in high rise condominiums will have rusted enough to get longitudinal cracks. The option of excavating the walls to replace these pipes is very inconvenient, messy, expensive and time consuming. But no worries Mr. Drain ® is here to take care of your home.

The only permanent way to solve the problem is to replace the broken or cracked sewer pipe, or to install a new physical inner pipe lining through Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. No matter whether you have cast iron sewer pipes that are cracked or have missing pipe floors or clay sewer pipes with entire sections missing, sewer pipe lining is designed to form new durable inner pipes.

The stack has a vent that extends vertically out through the roof, allowing gases to escape and promoting drain flow by drawing air inward. It is very important to keep this vent clear, as plugged vents can trap dangerous gases and inhibit drainage. Most new waste system use rigid plastic PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) pipes that are sealed with glue. Older homes generally have had cast iron pipe sealed with lead solder, although some new homes also use cast iron sealed with neoprene in order to avoid the noise plastic creates when water is draining through it.

What is Sewer Pipe Lining?
A sewer pipe lining is a new pipe inside the old pipe that will be install by Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. When your cast iron or clay sewer pipes keep clogging due to root growth or missing pipe floors or your cracked sewer or drain pipes leaking into your high rise building walls or floors and causing foul odors then Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of have the solution and our Mr. Drain ® Pipe lining technology can solve these problems permanently. Our plumbers will give you the permanent solution to solve the problem by replacing the broken or cracked sewer or drainpipes or by installing the new physical inner pipe lining system with the latest tools, Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. Our experts are always available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take care of all your drain or sewer issues.
On Sewer Repair or Sewer Replacement by Perma Liner in - Drain Lining in - Sewer Lining in - Perma Lining in - Sewer Services in - Drain and Sewer Lining Contractor - Epoxy Lining.
The Mr.Drain ® and Drain Pipelining
Mr. Drain ® pipe lining is a process of Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining in which the new special long fabric tube that is being wet or saturated with a reisn that hardens itself with in a time period of 2 to 4 hours. Now the question is what size of the existing is left after this process is done? Don't be panic the new Mr. Drain ® Inner pipe line reduces the pipe diameter by about 5%, so the drain flow is not affected, and you have a life time warranty on this pipe lining. It stays until you keep the house and is transferable to your kids when they inherit your house. That's a Mr. Drain ® Promise. This great service is only provided by Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of as it's the only plumbing and drain company you deserve. Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of is expert in Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining technology.

Sewer and Drain Repair By Mr. Drain ® Pipelining Technology

Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of is equipped and experienced in all types of drainage repair. From large or small excavation to the use of No-Dig technology, we have the equipment and experience to make repairs quickly and with minimal disruption.

The Pipeline Process

Step 1

Pouring the Mixture into Fabric Tube for Saturation

The First step in the pipelining process or we can say Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining is to clean the sewer pipe with a high pressure water using a Mr. Drain ® Hydro Flush ® service that removes all roots and sludge from pipe or use pneumatic tools to clean the inner surface of the pipe.

Cast iron pipe may require additional preparation if the pipe is badly corroded or there is a void in the pipe and then a sewer pipe video inspection is done to determine the length of pipe that has to be relined. Then a long special fabric tube is cut to the correct and accurate length and the self-hardening part A and part B epoxy resins are mixed and used to completely saturate the fabric tube.

Step 2

Heavy Roller Forces Resin Through Liner For Complete Saturation

The fabric tube is then either pulled into the broken pipe or air pressure is used to shoot the liner into the pipe by Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining. Then the fabric tube is inflated with air for 2-4 hours while the resin hardens. No drain is used in this process, as the chemical is kept dry for the required hardness. More chemical is away from moisture more the durability and hardness is in the drain lining system. The system is made air tight during the process so that any debris or air particle our any outer object could not enter in the system which could result in making the system infected resulting in loosening the strength and durability of the new drain or sewer lining. The experts at Mr. Drain ® of are experts in Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining technology.

Step 3

Final Connections and Inspections

After the cleaning process is complete, the Mr. Drain ® Trenchless - Trenchless Technology - Pipe Lining - Perma Lining - Pipe Rehabilitation - Epoxy Lining - Drain Lining - Sewer Lining technology can begin. Based upon the solution you and your technician have decided upon, the length of liner needed is cut, a custom two part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The saturated liner is then pulled in place, the bladder is inflated and the curing begins. Once the epoxy lining has cured, the bladder is extracted, leaving a complete structural pipe within a pipe. To insure that the job has been performed perfectly, a camera is done to inspect the work.

On Sewer Repair or Sewer Replacement by Perma Liner in - Drain Lining in - Sewer Lining in - Perma Lining in - Sewer Services in - Drain and Sewer Lining Contractor - Epoxy Lining.

No Dig' Structural Patch Lining

The Mr. Drain ® 'No Dig' Structural Patch Lining system is ideal for repairing damage caused by water infiltration and root intrusion as well as cracks and fractures. By using this quick and efficient means of repair can save your time and money.

Structural Patch Liningis a small localised means of repair that eliminates the need for full length drain relining. If flow packers are not used, cost-consuming over-pumping of water containment is not necessary. By using different types of resin and different additives reaction times can be tailored to suit site conditions. A subsequent compression test confirms that the inserted liner will provide a suitable impermeable lining to the host pipe.
The diagrams below illustrate how Structural Patch Lining works.
Structural Patch Lining
Step 1
Structural Patch Lining
Step 2
Structural Patch Lining
Step 3
Key Benefits of Pipe Lining

  • Building sewers under landscaping, driveways, slabs, etc.
  • Vertical wet/dry stacks in condo and apartment buildings
  • Seals holes and cracks
  • Seals bottomless cast iron
  • Smooths out big off-sets
  • Fills missing pipes
  • Root damaged pipes repair
  • Seals joint connections
  • Repairs roof drain vertical pipes
  • Seals storm drain lines
  • 2"- 12"diamater
  • Can be used under slab pipelines
  • Infiltration/exfiltration
  • Electrical conduct line
  • More affordable than traditional digging (no clean up costs)
  • Quick process
  • Certified Pipe Lining materials

The Reason of Problem

Aging of Sewer Lines
Root Intrusion
Calcification in Sewer Lines
Ground Movement Affects Sewer Line Integrity

On Sewer Repair or Sewer Replacement by Perma Liner in - Drain Lining in - Sewer Lining in - Perma Lining in - Sewer Services in - Drain and Sewer Lining Contractor - Epoxy Lining.

Drain Relining - Creating a pipe within a pipe

Where the area of damage is too great for Structural Patch Lining to be used, Drain Relining or Resin Liner is a more cost effective option to excavation. In this repair, a resin-impregnated liner is inserted into the damaged drain, and expanded using water or air pressure. The liner is held in place against the sides of the damaged drain until it cures. The type of resin used and the ambient temperature impact upon the curing time but in most cases, Drain Relining can be installed and cured on the same day. The diagram shows the damaged original pipe and the new resin liner, how Drain Relining creates 'a pipe within a pipe'.

Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of Pipe Line Process 

Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of now fix or repair Water, Sewer, Drain, Gas, and Electric conduit by pipe line process in 4 easy steps in Min 2 Days Max 5 Days with permits and inspections and gives you a Life Time Warranty. Mr. Drain ® of San Jose is the only Plumbing company you Deserve.

The Material is measured and cut onside. The formulated resin is measured and mixed. The resin is poured into the liner evenly. The liner is loaded into the inverter.

Contact Your Local Mr Drain ® Plumbing of today to learn more about
Pipe Lining - Pherma Liner - Sewer Liner, the process how it works and its benefits.

Save time save money call Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of today at

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