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Any Trenchless Water Line
Life Time Warranty
After Mr. Drain ® Plumbing have performed the trenchless process on your water line system, the work is guaranteed for as long as you own your home. This guaranty includes parts and labor that was utilized to get the whole job done. This means that you will never have to worry about the expense of repairing a leak, crack or a breakage or the potential insurance problems associated with leaks or cracks. Even if your son or daughter inherits your house or you sell your house the lifetime warranty will be transferred to the one who will own the house. No other plumbing company will offer such great benefits but this is only Mr. Drain ® promise.
Trenchless Water Service Benefits
• Problems are completely solved because the line is totally replaced, not just repaired
• The cost of installing HDPE Gas pipe with the pipe bursting method is much less than total replacement by conventional trenching techniques>
• Drastically reduces the public inconvenience and disturbance to the environment caused by traditional repairs
• Can be performed in tight access areas where open cut methods present a challenge or are not an option
• Install high-quality pipe that is the same diameter or larger than the original pipeline for increased flow capacity
• Over 20 years of pipe bursting experience
• Trained Mr. Drain ®technicians have the expertise to see the job through every step of the way
• In-house capability to assist the engineer and the owner designing the project by recommending the best rehabilitation methods and materials
• Mr. Drain ® Pipe Slice ®allows for replacement of pipes without disturbing surface structures.
• Potential problems with existing pipes are minimized because pipe-bursting methods follow the existing pipe path.
• For smaller sizes of pipe, pipe bursting is the only trenchless technology that can be used to upsize the existing pipe.
• Because it is trenchless, excavation is minimized, which lessens effects on existing landscaping and structures. The bursting head or the slicing head on the piercing tool can be removed at the end of the line so that the tools may be removed through the new line. This can eliminate the need for an exit pit in some instances.
• Mr. Drain ® Pipe Slice ® reduces the amount of site restoration required.
• In Mr. Drain ® Pipe Slice ® process, a minimal amount of excavation is required to place the machine and insert the new pipe into the original.  These excavations need only be pits that can be shored to prevent collapse or cave-ins, thus increasing worker safety during the rehabilitation process.
• No damage to landscape
• No damage to concrete area
• No damage to drive ways
• Life time warranty of no further leaks
• Stability to withstand subtle ground movement
• Saves time as most cases job is done in one day
• Great savings over traditional methods of repairs
• Very minimum yard damage
• The new pipe can be upsized to twice to the size of old pipe
Water Line FAQ

• What is the best way to replace a water service?

The most common type of pipe being replaced is polybutylene, however you commonly see old galvanized lines, black IPS well pipe lines, and copper lines in need of replacement. The best method in terms of installation with longest life of the pipe in mind would be open trench.

• I have a slab house and my polybutylene water main is broken under the house?

Typically when a line breaks under the house, we abandon the old pipe and determine the simplest path to get to the main shutoff valve. Typically that involves rerouting the pipe through a utility room or doing a short directional bore under the slab.

• I know I have a leak in my polybutylene service line but I don't know where?

First of all if you have polybutylene piping, any repair to the piping is strictly temporary. Using our leak detection service to find the leak and the excavating the pipe can cost more than a replacement.

• What is the difference between blue polybutylene, black polyethylene and PVC water service piping?

First all three are poly pipes, there in the same family. Polybutylene (PB) is the least desirable of the three mainly because of its deterioration, and low pressure rating. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is favored by many plumbers, however, the pipe becomes brittle over time, the pipe has little flexibility, repairs cannot be done quickly (glue time), pipe comes in short sticks and many joints are required. Black polyethylene (PE) comes in several thicknesses; I would say the only suitable version of PE for a water service is the 200 PSI version combined with brass coupling.

• What is the difference in warranty among pipe materials?

The piping materials all have long warranties on workmanship and extrusion quality, etc. Copper institute says 50 years, the polyethylene manufacturer says 25 years, the PVC manufacturer says approximately 10 years. Each manufacturer may be a little different, however, they all have plenty of clauses for installation problems, soil conditions, water conditions, contaminated soils (petroleum), etc. The realistic service life of a service line in good soil, with compatible water quality and on a good base ranges from 10 years to 50 years. Copper pipe is the most proven reliable and in ideal conditions should last at least 25 years, black polyethylene should last at least 25 years (the Natural Gas Design Board rates the expected service life of polyethylene at over 50 years) and PVC should last at least 15 years.

• What type of pipe do you prefer?

I have over 600 feet of 1" black polyethylene outside my home for over 10 years and have never had a problem. Inside of my house we used copper piping. I prefer either copper or black polyethylene water service lines. I regularly use PVC for sewer piping but only rarely for water service lines.

• What will happen to my sprinkler system after the pipe replacement?

We reconnect your sprinkler system at the meter, typically we use copper tees and a brass gate valve whether you choose a plastic or copper service line. We will repair all cut water lines supplying your sprinkler system.

• What is the average length of time to replace an average water service line?

The average replacement time is 2 to 5 hours.

• How long does it take to schedule a replacement?

Most repairs and replacement can be done on the same day, if for some reason we cannot perform the work on the same day, we can arrange a temporary water line in most cases.

• What are the steps involved in a water line replacement?

1) Locate the critical points: water meter, entrance to house and sprinkler connection (if underground sprinkler exists)
2) Planning: plan the simplest route for replacement including factors such as underground utilities, landscaping, large tree root systems, slope of the property, accessibility for equipment, soil type (rocky), soil stability (a water line does not do good on an eroding slope or floating in muddy soil) and future changes to the property or structure.
3) Start excavation: Excavate the meter and the house, use open trench or other pipe replacement techniques.
4) Clean up: Backfill all holes, seal all holes through foundation walls with hydraulic cement to prevent future rain water leaks, and sweep up work area.
5) Invoice: Written invoice will be given with description of work and warranty period. This invoice can be photo copied and submitted to your water department. (You may receive a credit of some type if you have a large water bill, depending on your water department and who you talk to at your water department.)
Trenchless Water Line Repair - Trenchless Water Line Contractor- Pipe Slice Service - Trenchless Company - No Dig Water Line Repair and Fix in

Punctuality Is Reality Here™
Do you have a high water bill? - Is your water line leaking in the driveway? - Do you want to replace the water line by trenchless? - D you want a pipe bursting service? Do you want to replace water line without digging? - Do you want to replace water line without digging? - Do you want a trenchless service for water line? Do you want a trenchless service for water line? Are you looking for a reliable licensed trenchless and pipe slice contractor? Are you looking for affordable trenchless water line service? Do you want to replace water line with out breaking the driveway?
If you have high water bill or frequent water leaks then you should replace the water line by trenchless or pipe slicing. There may be a possibility the water is leaking some where in the front yard or driveway. A Mr. Drain ® Pipe Slice ® technology is used to replace any water line by trenchless with very minimum damage to your yard and landscape.We are available 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week.
On Any Trenchless Water Service - Trenchless Water Line Repair Trenchless Water Line Fix - Pipe Slice Service in - Trenchless Water Line Replacement with a very Minimum Yard Damage
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Mr. Drain ® Pipe Slice ®
Trenchless Water Line Replacement
Average American homeowners and businesses enjoy excellent water service. The municipal water line is located under the street, and you connect to the water under your property, and into your home. Simply turning your water faucet delivers clean, fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. The majority of the time, your water line will give you years of wonderful service. But, if you ever notice a water pressure drop, water discoloration, or a wet soggy area develops in your yard. There are many reasons why your water line may require repair work. Water line problems can be the result of tree roots getting in the pipe, mineral build up and residue, high water pressure, ground movement, acidic soil conditions, freezing and thawing plus general deterioration of the water pipe over time. Water main line problems are sometimes worse than sewer lines. Many older homes will need their water mains replaced due to the age of the pipes. These installations can be difficult. For those homeowners and businesses in Mr. Drain ® Plumbing have years of experience in repairing and replacing water mains. A water main that is replaced can result in better water flow to the residential or commercial property, which increases your water quality. If your property is experiencing slow or low pressure water even though your water pipes are clean and unclogged, this may be an indication that you need a new water main line. The water leaks in the front yard or driveway mostly result because of offsets, cracks, breaks in pipes settled pipes, rust build up in the pipes, old age of pipes. At Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of our experts not only can repair the leaking or broken pipe but also have art of replacing the water main line with out braking the driveway or digging trenches
The Problem

The water lines leaks when they corrode rust and break. Following are some of the major reasons why water lines break, crack or leak.

  • Broken, Cracked, Offset or collapsed water pipe
  • Damaged pipes due to the shifting of soil
  • Damaged pipes due to weather effect on above and bellow earth pipe
  • Frozen ground, settling
  • Rustor Algae build up in the water lines restricts flow
  • Bad color and odor because of rust
  • Leaking joints from connectionsand straight run
  • In case of PVC and SDR crack and break due to heat and hardness of material
  • Tree or shrub roots have invaded the water line
  • Break, Leak and Crack in case of metal pipes after some passage of time
The Solution
The word "TRENCHLESS"means no trench or doing something without trenching and digging. This can be the process of repair or replacement of sewer, water and gas lines without opening a trench. Now it does not mean that trenchless does not requireany digging or trenching at all, still the access points are digged to insert new pipe. trenchless pipeline replacement can save a homeowner's yard, landscaping, or rockery from being disturbed. It also allows for pipeline replacement in areas where it is not accessible to excavation equipment and would otherwise have to be dug up by hand or by heavy equipment. Mr. Drain ®uses Pipe Slice ® Trenchless technology also called " Pipe Slicing " to replace water lines from size 1" to 4". As the name implies, stands for subsurface construction works where less trenches or no continuous trenches are required to be dug. It is a rapidly growing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry. It can be defined as "A family of methods, materials, and equipment capable of being used for the installation of new or replacement or rehabilitation of existing underground infrastructure with minimal disruption to surface traffic, business, and other activities. This process involves inserting new line if the old line cannot be sliced. In that case a bullet head is powered using a high power gas air compressor and it pulls the new SDR (Poly- Ethylene) water line.
On Any Trenchless Water Service - Trenchless Water Line Repair Trenchless Water Line Fix - Pipe Slice Service in - Trenchless Water Line Replacement with a very Minimum Yard Damage
How Trenchless Water Line Replacement works?
Mr. Drain ® uses Pipe Slice ® Trenchless no dig technology to replace the water lines with out opening big trenches. Following is the detail description that what are the conditions in which you need to replace your sewer or drain lines and what is the trenchless no dig technology and how it works. Mr. Drain ® Trenchless Service provides water line replacement using the Pipe Slice ® Trenchless technology. This is a method of replacing an old water pipe with a new poly-pipe of the same or a larger inner diameter.Two holes are excavated in areas of replacement. A very minimum yard will be damaged in this process. The landscape will be covered with protectors so no landscape is damaged. A Pipe Slice ® process is used in which the slice head is used to cut through the pipe from one point to the other. In some cases trenchless toll is used to bore a hole from one hole to the other. The max length between holes varies. A poly-pipe or SDR pipe is then pulled through and the final connection are made. The inspections are done with the city inspectors. The system is flushed so all debris are released to deliver you clean and fresh water. Further inspections are done for leaks and remaining debris are cleaned. A worse scenario is if the water main is completely broken which can completely block access to water for the affected building. Although local governments, smaller water mains, control many major water mains or access pipes to water mains will require private attention.

Repair or Replace Water Lines by Pneumatic Piercing or Bullet process
This process involves repairing or replacing the water lines by line piercing, boring or drilling using the bullet kind of tool. An underground piercing tool is also known as a boring tool. It is air driven and typically used when soil conditions make tunneling by hand difficult. It is also utilized when making additional excavations or trench work. Like other trenchless process this method also involves to dig two holes one on each side. The typical piercing tool is between 3' and 4' in diameter, although other sizes are made as well. They are in a shape similar to a missile. This tool is air powered and has a piston inside the body that pushes the head forward and drives the tool itself into the soil. When the piston and the head of the tool retract it is at a lower rate of speed so it remains imbedded in the surrounding soil. Each push forward allows it to penetrate further into the soil until eventually the tunnel is completed.There's a piston that runs inside the barrel of the tools; it's the inertia of the piston striking the nose of the tool that moves it forward in the ground. A portable compressor runs the piercing bullet. The bullet head requires 80 to120 psi pressure. The pneumatic tools offer an economical alternative to pipe bursting and other trenchless methods when replacing 30- to 500-foot-long service lines, two inches in diameter and smaller.
In many cases you will only need to replace a section of the water line. Damaged sections of water pipes can be replaced with high-quality piping. In other cases, you may need to replace the entire water line if there is significant damage throughout the pipe. After installation the repaired or replaced water line is pressure tested for any leaks. An inspection and approval by the municipality is then performed. After this, your landscaping will be restored to their condition prior to the water line repair work

The image bellow is the courtesy of Mr. Drain ® Plumbing of to give you a detailed idea about how Pipe Slice ® process of replacing water lines work using Piercing or Bullet process.

On Any Trenchless Water Service - Trenchless Water Line Repair Trenchless Water Line Fix - Pipe Slice Service in - Trenchless Water Line Replacement with a very Minimum Yard Damage
Repair or Replacement of Water Line by Pipe Slitter process

Like the name represents this Trenchless process of water line replacement involves slitting or slicing of the old water line. The trenchless water pipe replacement device includes a cable pulling device, a length of cable, a pipe splitting device and a cable end piece. The ends of the existing pipe are exposed, and the cable is fished through the pipe from a front end to a rear end. A cable end piece, that includes a relatively flat pipe end engagement surface, is then engaged to the end of the cable proximate the rear end of the pipe to be replaced. A suitable length of replacement pipe is then attached to the cable end piece. Either soft Type K Copper tube or SDR pipe is used in the replacement of water Line. At the front end of the cable a Hydraulic cable pulling device is installed.The pulling cabled is connected to the Hydraulic puller. The Hydraulic puller starts pulling the cable and the Slitting Head starts breaking or slicing through the existing pipe, such that the pipe-contacting surface of the cable end piece makes contact with the rear end of the pipe. Further pulling of the cable by the Hydraulic pullercreates sufficient tension and pulling force on the rear end of the pipe that the pipe becomes dislodged from its location within the ground. Further this pulling process results in the existing pipe being pulled through the ground by the force of the cable end piece upon the rear end of the pipe, and the replacement pipe is pulled into the cavity due to its attachment with the cable end piece. Hence in this process the Slitting Head slices the old water pipe and new pipe is pulled until the slitting head reaches to its destination. If the dirt is soft the old pipe is also pulled out with the slitter but if the dirt is hard the slitter head slices the old pipe and it stays in the dirt.

The pipe splitter is engaged at the front end of the pipe to split the pipe as it emerges. The pipe splitting device includes a tapered nose portion having a nose tip that is inserted into the front end of the pipe prior to the activation of the Hydraulic puller. The nose portion of the pipe splitter preferable includes a cable groove, which guides the cable towards the cable pulling device, and a sharpened edge, which serves as a splitting force focal point for splitting the pipe as it is pulled. In the preferred embodiment, the tapered nose is formed with a taper angle of from 1° to 15°, and preferably approximately 2°, To place the cable pulling device out of a direct line of the emerging pipe, the pipe splitting device is preferable formed with an elbow having an angle of from 20° to 90° and preferably approximately 30° to 35°.

Repair or Replacement of Water Line by Pipe Slice ®

Water is typically supplied to buildings, whether commercial or residential, through water pipes that are buried in the ground. These water pipes are typically galvanized steel pipes, although copper, plastic and other pipe materials are sometimes utilized, and such water pipes typically have a diameter from approximately ½ inch to approximately 3 inches. For various reasons, such as corrosion or puncture, it can become necessary to replace the existing pipe with a new water pipe. Typically, this replacement process involves the digging of a trench in the ground along the path of the existing pipe to expose it, remove it and install a replacement pipe. Such trenches can be expensive and disruptive of landscaping and perhaps a structure that has been placed over the existing pipe, and are therefore in the way of the trench, that must be dug for pipe replacement.

In case of the Pipe Slice ® the head attached to the pulling cable have blades on it. Same hydraulic puller and the pulling cable is used but instead of a nose the pipe slice head is consist of the pointed edge and blades on. The blades are sharp enough to slice through the old metal and plastic pipes. Same torque is applied using the Hydraulic Puller. The Pipe Slice ® head slices the old pipe in pieces the head is double then the diameter of old pipe so it forces and penetrates the slices and broken pieces in dirt which gives enough room for the new pipe to slide in. The push and pull motion of the Hydraulic Puller keeps on pulling the Pipe Slice® head and the new pipe which is attached to the Pipe Slice ® head keeps on sliding until it reaches to the destination hole. The replacement pipe used is either soft copper type K or flexible SDR pipe because these kind of pipes can make any turn very easily and don't break. They are strong and very durable. Then the connections are made on both ends one with the water meter and other with the inlet going in the house.
Contact Your Local Mr Drain ® Plumbing of today to learn more about Pipe Piercing and Pipe Slice process for replacement of Water Lines with a very minimum yard damage.
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The Trenchless Water Line is the process to replace the water lines in both residential and commercial applications. Mr.Drain ® Plumbing of uses the Pipe Piercing also called Hammering process of replacing water lines by trenchless in and Pipe Slice ® technology to repair , replace and fix water lines by Trenchless in . No dig water line replacement in is our specialty. Save time save money call Mr.Drain ® Plumbing of today to replace and repair any water line by pipe slice, pipe piercing, trenchless technology.
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