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Why You Should Trust The Pros to Fix Plumbing Problems

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Here at Mr.drain Plumbing, we want to make sure your plumbing fixes are done right and last you a long time. Here are three reasons why you should never DIY your plumbing problems.

It’s easy to see why DIY-ing your plumbing problems is tempting:

You might be able to save some money.

You won’t have to wait to schedule a service.

You’ll feel confident and proud of fixing the problem on your own.

While these are all worthy reasons, what’s important to remember when it comes to plumbing is that it’s not the same type of service as painting or carpet cleaning. Plumbing goes beyond basic skills you can learn in a day over the internet.

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Mr.drain Plumbing plumbers are highly trained and receive certifications in their field. They have all the right tools and implements needed to make efficient repairs and replacements. And they’ve seen it all and understand best practices when it comes to various types of plumbing problems.

Still, if you need a bit more convincing as to why you shouldn’t do your own plumbing repairs, we understand. Here are three more solid reasons why you should always call the pros.

It’s all too easy to misdiagnose the problem.

Sure, it just looks like a leaky faucet. Probably just the O-ring, right? Well, it could be. Or, it could be a corroded valve seat, bad installation of a washer, a washer that’s worn out, or a host of other problems. Our experts have the tools and know-how to properly detect the origin of a problem.

You could make it worse.

By either misdiagnosing the problem or not carrying out the correct steps to fix the problem, it’s highly likely that you’ll actually worsen the problem — something that will cost you much more time, energy, and money in the long run. Investing in a plumbing service now will put more money in your pocket later.

You could injure yourself.

Plumbing isn’t an injury-free profession. Hot pipes, confined spaces, tool malfunctions, and the possibility of encountering things like mold and asbestos all make plumbing a rather dangerous job for laypeople to try

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Of course, we also offer by-appointment repair or maintenance services whenever you need them. To schedule your professional plumbing service with Mr.drain Plumbing today, give us a call at 510-257-1408 or contact us here.

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