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Few Signs Your Drains Are About to Clog

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Your pipes are bound to get clogged at some point. While it often takes us by surprise, the truth is that there are generally warning signs that a clog is in the work. Here’s a quick guide to monitoring the state of your drains (and when it might be time to call in the professional to get them cleaned). Keep reading to learn more from Mr.Drain Plumbing.

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Sign #1: Strange Smells

One of the earliest signs of developing blockage is an unusual odor coming from the pipe below. The smell depends on what has made its way into your drain, so there is no specific description that we can give to identify it. However, it will likely be unpleasant. For example in the kitchen, it will probably be old food that has accumulated in the drain and lodged there. If you notice a persistent smell coming from your drain, it is definitely something to keep an eye on. If the odor sticks around, you might just have a budding clog!

Sign #2: Unusual Sounds

Most people are not professionally trained to appreciate the subtle differences in plumbing noises, so an unusual sound in the drain may pass without notice. But this can be another early warning that a clogged pipe is in your near future. Forming blockages will obstruct the easy flow of water and change air pressure in the pipe. This can result in some weird noises, such as prolonged gurgling or a slow trickling sound as water slowly makes its way around the clog. If something sounds off with your drains, it’s a good idea to check it out.

Sign #3: Slow Drainage

This one is difficult not to notice. If your drain is officially clogged, then water will accumulate in the associated sink, bathtub, or toilet bowl. It will take an unusually long time for the water to drain — if it drains at all! The most important thing to do in this case is to take quick action. The longer you wait, the worse

Send in the Pros

If a drain clog is not receptive to standard do it yourself methods, your best bet is to enlist professional plumbing service to quickly get your drains working again. Additionally, if you notice signs of a more serious clog, such as the toilet filling up when you run the sink, or the bathtub filling with wastewater, these signal that something is wrong with your sewer line. Call the pros right away if you notice any of these symptoms!

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