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Ways to Stop Your toilet from Sweating


Every summer, millions of homeowners have to deal with toilets that perspire puddles of water onto the floor. Have you noticed condensation building up and water dripping off of your toilet bowl? If you have this problem, you are not alone. Every summer, millions of homeowners have to deal with toilets that perspire puddles of water onto the floor. While you may not think of this as a problem, it can lead to damage of your flooring, subfloor, mold and mildew, create a safety hazard, and more. The only thing that should be perspiring in the heat, is you, so we are going to review ways to stop your toilet from sweating. Give a call today at 510-257-1408

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What Causes the Condensation on a Toilet?

Have you ever drank a glass of iced tea on a warm day and then noticed the outside of the glass covered in water droplets? This is basically what is happening to your toilet. When warm, damp air hits a cold surface, condensation forms. This is due to the difference between the cool water and the warm, humid air, outside.

Water that enters a toilet tank is relatively cold, around 50° to 60°F. As the temperatures outside and inside of our homes rise beyond that, and more humidity is in the air, when the warm, moist air hits the cool porcelain toilet surfaces, the air condenses, turns to water, and starts to drip.

Ways to Stop Your Toilet from Sweating

While we can’t control the outdoor temperatures, even though we often would like to, there are some things we can do to protect our home’s from toilet sweating and to prevent potential damage.

Reduce the Moisture in Your Bathroom: If your bathroom is not humid and is dry, your toilet will not end up with condensation. Consider taking shorter and cooler showers, always turn the vent/fan on or open a window if you don’t have one, keep the door open, and/or use a dehumidifier in the space.

Keep Windows Closed on Hot and Humid Days: While it’s a good idea to open a bathroom window while showering if you don’t have a vent, it is a bad idea to open windows to let the heat and humidity, in any other time. If it is warmer outside than inside, and especially if it’s both warmer and more humid outside, keep the bathroom windows closed.

Add an Anti-Sweat Valve to Your Toilet: An anti-sweat valve adds a little hot water to the toilet water line, which raises the water temperature in the toilet enough to warm up the tank and bowl. By installing this valve, you can prevent the condensation from forming, as the water in the tank is not so cold.

Buy a New Toilet: Many modern toilets have insulated tanks, which should prevent sweating. If you have an older toilet or uninsulated tank, you may be able to find a compatible insulated tank for your toilet or replace the toilet all together. There are also DIY ways that you can insulate your toilet tank, but they can be hassle and very time consuming. Low-flow toilets store less water at each flush, so installing one could also stop your toilet from sweating.

Wrap the Tank with Fabric: Have you ever saw a toilet covered with fabric? You likely thought it was someone’s style preference, but it turns out, it can actually help eliminate your toilet sweat from building up and dripping. Keep in mind, you will need to maintain the fabric and wash it to eliminate mildew and moisture it has absorbed.

Invest in a Toilet Tray: This option can create an eyesore; however, it can catch the condensation dripping off your toilet to prevent damage. Much like the fabric, it won’t stop the toilet from sweating, but it will keep the liquid from causing other issues for you.

Even if it doesn’t bother you, you should stop your toilet from sweating to prevent it from damaging other areas of your home.

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