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Toilet Is Clogged Measures to Prevent Clogs!

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Prevent clogged toilets with these useful tips:

Toilets are often the unthankful part of your house. Very few people spend time and efforts for there well functionality and if we don’t they will stop working, below are the few tips to eliminate future clogs.

  1. Low-Flow Toilet tips –

    – Low flush toilets are a great way to reduce the amount of water being used to flush the toilet, which keeps water bills and usage as low as possible. However, we often see these types of toilets causing problems with low water pressure.

    Measures – Be careful about how much toilet paper you attempt to flush at time. You may also wish to consider upgrading your toilet to a newer model that saves water without loss of efficiency.
  2. Drain Line Clogged

    Reason – In some cases, the age of a drain line can work against it, and the drain line may frequently clog even when flushing just regular waste and paper products. Hair, paper, and foreign objects are other common culprits that aging drain lines have a hard time with.

    MeasuresSchedule an appointment today to have your drain lines cleared. If the problem continues, you may need to have your drain and/or sewer lines repaired or replaced and we are here to help you.
  3. Low pressure in water tank

    Reason – Pressure must be applied to any waste making its way out of the toilet. If the toilet tank is not completely full when the toilet is flushed, there won’t be enough pressure to clear the bowl.

    Measures – Make sure that supply valve is in the free position, then check for leaks in water line. If there is no problem with this try replacing the fill valve.
  4. S-Trap clogged

    Reason – S traps, that bit of S-shaped pipe behind your toilet, are meant to prevent sewer gases from entering your home through the toilet drain. While useful in this regard, they may also be susceptible to clogs.
    Measures – Only plunger may be all you need to clear a minor clog this far up the drain line.
  5. External Factors
    Reason – Clogs happen, but common maintenance issues are clog creators as well. The pipes that lie outside of your home can cause drain clogs that may result in slow or non-moving toilet drains in your home.

    Measures – Speak with Mr. Drain plumbing about a drain maintenance program and we will solve this for you. Best Emergency Services call now ! 1- 510-257-1400
  6. Slow Septic Systems –

    – Slow-moving septic systems, or systems that are stalling and not turning over quickly enough, can cause toilet clogging in your home. A healthy septic system is important to maintain; with a proper balance for ideal drainage flow.

    Measures – Does the Septic tank pumped regularly. Depending on the size of household and tank, you may need septic tank cleaning every one to three years. Instant solution call 510-257-1400
  7. Older pipework

    Reason – Collapsing pipes can create clog problems as well. Usually, the first sign is sediment backwash, but slow drains in multiple toilets or other drains in your home is a clue the problem may be bigger. This can be costly over time and is a sign a professional is needed.

    Measures -Your plumbing is inspected by a professional. If an inspection reveals that your pipes are damaged or in danger of failing, you may need to consider re-piping. genuine plumbing.

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