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Benefits of Getting a Sewer Video Inspection

If your plumbing isn’t working correctly, the problem can sometimes be deep in your home’s sewer line. Problems that are this deep are hard to fix, to say nothing about identifying them. At Mr.Drain, we’re capable of helping you with your sewer problems by performing a sewer video inspection. This process involves using a special camera on a long, flexible rod that connects to a computer. We snake this rod into your sewer system to locate whatever may be giving your system problems. This will help us determine the best course of action and make fixing your pipes much easier.

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Fix it the right way the first time

There are a huge number of problems your sewer line can face. Maybe a tree root has broken into the line and is blocking the water. Perhaps something you flushed that isn’t supposed to be flushed has gotten caught in the system. Or maybe you’re dealing with a water leak. Each problem has a different solution, and by performing an inspection first, we can know the best way to handle your problem.

Cheaper and quicker

One of the more traditional methods for dealing with sewer pipes is to dig a trench to reach the pipes. However, this method is slow and can mess up your yard. The speed offered with a sewer video inspection can help us quickly find warning signs of bigger problems. By quickly finding and fixing the issues, we can avoid larger problems that would cost more money to fix.

Reference video for insurance

At times, insurance companies won’t give away their money unless you have hard evidence of your problem. Fortunately, we can help you with that. When we inspect your pipes, we provide a digital DVD copy of what the camera saw. This footage can help show the insurance company that you’re qualified for a payout.

Avoid unnecessary digging to protect your yard

Conventional sewer repairs require the company to dig a large trench in your yard to reach the pipes. This method works, but it also makes a huge mess of your yard and garden. With the sewer camera inspection, however, we only need access to the sewer pipe’s opening. If we can get that, we can get inside your pipes without digging up your yard.

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