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Difference Between Heater and Boilers!


There’s nothing like a hot shower in a warm house on a cold rainy day. But how exactly are all these columns created? As for the water, at least a lot of people would say it’s thanks to the water heater. However, in many cases, particularly in older buildings or homes with radiant heating, a boiler room can do all the work. Read on to find out from Mr. drain plumbing or call us on 510-257-1408 to schedule an apointment.

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The Difference Between Water Heaters and Boilers:

Water Heater

The name of the water heater speaks for itself. A system that heats water for use in sinks, showers, washing machines, etc. The most common version is a water-filled storage tank heated by gas or electricity. Hot water is stored in the tank until needed. When the hot water is over, the tank starts heating a new batch.
Another system gaining popularity is the “tankless” or on-demand water heater. In this case, instead of storing the preheated water in a tank, a powerful burner is used to quickly heat the water as it travels through the pipes to its destination.

Boiler Systems

You may think of a school basement when you think of a boiler, but boilers can be found in many homes and buildings. More versatile than a water heater, a boiler can heat both water and your home. There are many different configurations, but the basic way boilers work is by using oil, gas or electricity to heat a liquid in a tank to create steam. This steam is then used to heat water, which can be circulated through a radiator to heat a space or to heat air for use in a forced air heating system. When finished, the steam in the boiler tank returns to liquid state and can be reused.
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Some people may use the two names interchangeably, but water heaters and boilers are not the same thing. These are completely different systems used for different purposes in the home. If you have a problem with your water heater or boiler system, our local plumbing experts are here to help. give me seeds

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