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Do’s and Don’ts for Kitchen Drains


There are many problems with kitchen drains. From a flooded dishwasher to serious plumbing damage, mishandling your kitchen drain can lead to headaches and costly repairs. To prevent these problems before they start, here are some do’s and don’ts for kitchen drain health. Contact Mr.Drian plumbing today!

What not to do in the kitchen:

Pour oil down the drain. It may seem easy and relatively harmless to pour oil or cooking oil down the drain instead of separately when cleaning up after cooking.

There are important reasons why this is not recommended! Grease can easily run down drains, but as it cools it hardens and traps other debris. This can result in backups requiring costly repairs.

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Garbage chute overloaded. Some food waste can be used, but non-food waste, food waste with a lot of fiber or starch, and too much food waste should not be thrown away at once.

The garbage chute is working hard, but you can’t break everything. This can damage the disposal and clog drains.

Load your dishwasher with dirty plates. Placing dishes of food and scraps in the dishwasher can quickly lead to clogs, drainage problems and an inefficient dishwasher. The dishwasher will pick up food waste, but if it’s overloaded, the dishwasher’s drain hose can get clogged or water can get into the trash can.

Kitchen Dos:
Use cold water when using the waste chute. Running water while using the grinder will help flush food waste down the drain. This will prevent food from simply being dumped or piled up in the trash. It is recommended to use cold water as it will keep the remaining fats and oils solid.

Clean regularly.
By not throwing away food and taking out the trash regularly, you can prevent food waste from accumulating. It’s a good idea to use a few drops of dish soap when removing trash to get rid of grease that might stick to it.

Check your dishwasher regularly. Sometimes your dishwasher needs service to keep it running smoothly. First of all, this means emptying the food waste filter basket, especially when the dishwasher is running less efficiently, water is draining slowly, or dishes are not being washed properly.

This simple task avoids much more complicated problems and clogs in your dishwasher.

These tips can help you avoid costly plumbing problems and keep your kitchen drain running smoothly. Even if you follow everything exactly, plumbing problems can still occur. For example, a malfunctioning dishwasher can be caused by a plumbing problem, not user error! For problems big and small, Mr. Drain Plumbing is here to help.

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